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Protect your family, your employees, yourself and Be Prepared for the next Disaster with affordable CODE4-10-40 products, such as 

  • Surveillance Cameras,
  • Alarms,
  • Safety Lights,
  • Survival Gear
  • Emergency Gear
  • Hidden Cameras

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Garrett THD Tactical Handheld rugged Metal Detector Security Scanner flashlight

$154.99 $199.95
Garett THD Tactical Hand Held Security Scanner Metal Detector  Tactical Hand-Held rugged Metal Detector with Holster and built-in light!School Safety, Airport Security, Jewelry Companies, Event Security, Sporting Events, Bar, Night Club Safety!   School District receive Discounts, regardless of Order Size!  The Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster (THD) is...

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